About Allen Sullivan Visuals

Allen Sullivan knows the precise stakeout spot to shoot the ideal photo. He will wait patiently for hours, endure a pounding hailstorm that bloodies his ears, then capture that perfect moment with his camera. He produces the photo that ideally documents the event. No extra charge for the bloody ears.

Allen is an award-winning photographer whose stunning work tells the story. That story might be about the street kids of Guatemala, the Haiti earthquake, a crime scene, a choir competition or a chicken fanciers show, where his images turned chickens into art. On his own initiative, he travels to forgotten places to document what people would not see otherwise.

He is equally as adept at spot news coverage. “Rarely have I had the opportunity to work with a photographer as enthusiastic and aggressive as Allen, no matter how daunting the assignment or the obstacles that were placed in his path,” said Joe Johnson, veteran crime reporter for the Athens (Ga.) Banner-Herald. “His photographs perfectly illustrated the stories that I wrote.” He singled out Allen for his high journalistic standards.

Photographing Guatemala’s street children, Allen captured their hope despite their tragic struggle to live. Nuestros Derechos incorporates his photographs in its fund-raising and volunteer recruitment efforts. The non-governmental organization credits much of its success in these efforts to the compelling story told by Allen’s photographs.

In Haiti, he showed Port au Prince’s devastation as well as less-covered towns to tell a broader story of the earthquake.

“He is as good as it gets. He’s an amazing chronicler of events (monumental and everyday), documentarian of lives and one of the best newsmen I have ever seen. No tricks. No gimmicks. Just great shots of and stories born of a combination of a creative mind and killer work ethic. Allen roots his character in unyielding ethical boundaries,” said Jason Winders, executive editor of the Athens (Ga.) Banner-Herald.

Allen is as personally prepared as he is technically prepared to cover any photo assignment. He speaks English and Spanish. He has completed the Hostile Environments and Emergency First Aid Training course conducted by Centurion Risk Assessment Services. He uses only thoroughly tested equipment and can transmit via satellite.

Allen quickly inspires confidence in his subjects, then waits quietly till that storytelling moment occurs.  His still pictures capture the moment. His engrossing videos capture extended moments, a series of moments. And moments are what make a story, he believes.

“Seeing Allen’s photographs puts me in a place of experiencing the subject,” said consultant Richard Thorne. “I come away having a sense of the subject much deeper than a photograph typically conveys…there’s a connectedness, an understanding.”

Allen is now based in Central America.